My name is Cara, and I am an editorial and field photographer.

I live in the beautiful Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. I have also lived in Boston, Denver, Scotland & Wales. I grew up on a farm in rural Iowa where I spent a lot of time looking at cows, watching corn grow, and talking about the weather. I developed my first rolls of film for showing at county fairs with my local 4-H club.

I have always loved art that makes me feel present and in the moment. I participated in theater for most of my life – acting, designing sets, hanging lights, and sewing costumes. Whether creating or performing, I felt alive and in the flow, and this same sensation of flow is what drew me to photography. Taking in all of the three dimensional, dynamic aspects that surround me and bringing them into harmony in my images – the settings, colors, textures, and most importantly for photography — the sources of light.

My photography has been published internationally in books, magazines, websites, and exhibits. At home in New England, I take inspiration from the landscapes and community that surround me.

I am centrally located for assignments in Western Massachusetts, the Boston area, Vermont, New Hampshire, and southern Maine.

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Yoga Journal   ·   Origin Magazine  ·   Wildling Magazine  ·   The Boston Globe  ·   the Los Angeles Times  ·   Mother Earth Living  ·   Rangefinder  ·   Mandala Magazine  ·   Mind Body Green  ·   Well + Good


Roost Books  ·   Shambhala Publications  ·   Provenance Hotels  ·   the Boston Center for the Arts  ·   Boston Yoga School  ·   The Ayurvedic Living Institute  ·   The Flatley Real Estate Company  ·   She + Geeks Out  ·   Helpscout


“Working with Cara is a great investment; when you have great photos to represent you, you attract great clients! 

I think the best part of the experience working with Cara was that she is such a lovely person. She is extremely talented, yet kind and gentle and makes you feel comfortable being photographed. She is truly a joy to work with. 

I would highly recommend Cara to anyone who is looking for a photographer. She takes beautiful, well thought-out photos, is kind and easy to work with ,and is a pleasure to spend a day with. Bottom line: She is fantastic.”


“I would HIGHLY recommend Cara for these reasons: her work is outstanding, she is professional and prompt, and she’s a great woman to work with. 

The photos I received from Cara have been wonderful assets in my marketing strategy. Above and beyond a gifted photographer, Cara has the wonderful ability to click with the needs of the client. She easily grasped the essence of what I was looking for and was able to translate that need into a captured photo.”


“Cara has helped me to create a branding that is welcoming yet professional.

The variety of subjects she is proficient in working with has given me a portfolio with variety and allowed me to expand the angles I present my business from. 

Cara has a knack for understanding and capturing the personalities of her subjects.”


“The images Cara shot totally captured the moment. In addition to her technical skill, Cara has an easy way about her that allows the subjects to be natural as well…. In turn, the photos feel very organic and light – just like, “there I am” and she caught me being myself.

The best part of working with Cara? That she laughs with me! Especially doing physical shoots, they can be tiring and you get sick of smiling constantly. Cara’s lightheartedness is infectious and helped keep me energized throughout the shoot. Not to mention preventing me from taking myself too seriously…. !”